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Savage 2 is a hybrid online computer game which combines first-person shooter with real-time strategy and RPG into one gaming experience. There are two teams in the game: the Legion of Man and the Beast Horde. Both teams get together in network meetings and fight against each other mixing the different game elements to take control of the map. The game is also played in rounds. It was released in 2008 on PC and is a sequel to the game Savage: The Battle for Neweth from 2003.

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The two games are set on a post-apocalyptic earth, where humanity has recreated society, however is at risk from a new breed of intelligent beasts. Neither game includes a single player mode and is entirely focused on multiplayer online gameplay in teams. Every team has one commanding player who plays in a RTS style, while additional players play in first person shoot mode.

There are many tips and tricks in order to win battles.


As commander you hold a lot of responsibility and must be decisive, situational aware and experienced. You decide on how your stronghold or lair is designed and re-fortified throughout the game and continually command your troops, reacting to how the battle is going. Like Caesur you must be strong willed and ambitious while retaining the playfully adventurous, but decisive personality of Star Trek's Captain Kirk. Players will not want to be under your command for future battles if you are poor at commanding or are not a particularly nice person. If you do well then you will potentially be added to a referrals network as a great commander. If not you will lose credibilty and will have to really work hard to prove your abilities in battle, perhaps reverting back to an action player.

Action Player

As an action player you will be in direct line of combat and must stay alive, whilst successfully following out your orders from the commanding player. You may be given special missions to complete during the game which the commander feels are crucial to success. Unlike you, they can see how the battle is playing out in full scale.